Top 10 Quickest Ways to Earn Votes for WOLFCOP!










So you want to support this crazy new werewolf-cop movie, but don’t know how?  This list of the Top 10 Quickest Ways to Earn Votes is THE ULTIMATE WAY to show your support for WOLFCOP!  First thing you want to do is go to and LOGIN.  


10. ParticipACTION! First time visiting CineCoup?  Well what are you waiting for you big dummy?  Sign up!  You get 1 vote just for signing up with CineCoup! Congratulations!  Use it wisely.


9. Watchlist: Click the ‘Explore Projects’ tab.  Open any team page and look for the Add to Watchlist button.  Add 5 projects using Add to Watchlist button and earn 2 VOTES!



8. Love ‘Em: On every team page, there are Weekly Filmmaker Missions underneath the trailer.  Look for the ones titled ‘The Pitch’.  This was Mission 1.  ‘HEART’-ing 5 team videos will earn you 2 VOTES!



In ‘My Profile’…scroll down to the Bonus Missions.




7.  The Wall: Click the ‘Settings’ link in the description to connect to your Facebook account.  (Even if you’ve signed in with your Facebook account, still do this)… You earn 3 more votes just for hooking the two up!  Easy peezy!


6. Like: While you’re logged onto Facebook… Go and LIKE the CineCoup Facebook page.  Earns you another 3 votes! Here’s a quick link to it:

** This may take up to 3 days to validate so do this asap!


5.  Twitterverse: Same deal with Twitter!  Link your Twitter account and earn another 3 votes! Don’t have Twitter? SIGN UP FOR ONE!  It only takes a minute and its free.  Even if you don’t use it in the future… that’s 3 more votes you didn’t have before… all for a minute’s work.


4.  Follow: Yup… you got it!  Follow @Cinecoup and you get yet another 3 votes!  If you just signed up to Twitter… make them the 2nd account to follow… right after @WOLFCOPthemovie ;p


3. Avatar: Click the ‘Personalize’ link and upload a profile image to your Cinecoup profile.  Would you believe they give you 3 more votes just for uploading a photo? Better believe it!  Told you this was easy!



2. Rank 10:  Now that there are only 10 projects left… RANK the Top 10 in order of your personal preference (WOLFCOP being number 1, right?).  Click SUBMIT and BOOM! You get FIVE VOTES just for doing that!




1.  Predict + Share:  Click the My Top 5 Prediction button to predict your Top 5 projects!  Predict your Top 5 projects (WOLFCOP number 1 again, obviously!) and SHARE THEM with Facebook or Twitter and get ANOTHER 5 VOTES!!!



And there you go!  Wasn’t that easy?  How many votes was that?


VOTE TALLY = 30 votes.


30 VOTES30 EASY to EARN votes. All free and without watching anything!  However, If you’ve gotten all immersed into this intense competition already and are eager to get more votes… Watch all Top 10 trailers to earn 4 MORE votes! Complete the remaining missions and COLLECT THEM ALL!

So please… Use all those hard-earned (or not-so hard earned) votes during THE LAST AND FINAL VOTING period which begins Thursday, MAY 30th ending on Sunday, JUNE 2nd at MIDNIGHT (Eastern Standard Time – So check your local timezone)!  PLEASE help us make our dreams come true!  GET WOLFCOP INTO THEATRES in Canada and around the world! The world needs WOLFCOP!

Earn those votes!